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Fairfax Dalek

dalek maker faireThis Dalek (from BBC Dr. Who TV series) was intitially built as a “crash build” (two weeks) for our local Fairfax Parade in June. He was created by a kids’ team from White Hill Middle School pre-engineering program ( White Hill Robotics ). I had been working with these kids for 2 years at that time and we wanted to have a remote control Dalek to drive around.

He initially began with a robot base that was created by a local FIRST robotics team. We stripped it down to the motors and speed controllers. Then we began rebuilding him from the ground up. He is constructed out of wood and cardboard. We used a steel wok (cooking pan) for the head. His eye is a combination of shower head and an old camera lens with leds inside.

dalek paradeWe later added a speaker driven by an arduino with a wave shield and a home built amp from the make monobox amp project (which my son Nicholas built). The next upgrade was to make his head rotate and added lights. The head is controlled by a large servo moto. We plan to articulate his weapon and plunger…

He became the mascot for White Hill Robotics and we continue to upgrade. Upgrading is manditory.! (sorry that’s cybermen :-)

He has been getting out more and more. He went to Maker Faire 2014. It was very exciting!

dalek marin county fair