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Our Plan

1st Stage

We are developing a series of age appropriate projects that have reusable components. Our goal is that these projects can be built in about an hour or worked on in hour long sessions and completed in a few sessions. We will be working with smaller groups of children (approx 10) to begin. This will allow us to begin developing the projects for larger groups and to cater to differing skills sets that the children may have (some may already program, solder, or love to hack stuff).


2nd Stage

Purchasing a vehicle large enough to transport and support multiple tools. These tools can include hand tools, laptops, vinyl cutters, laser cutters and 3D printers. The advanced tools can be  made accessible to the children via wifi and laptops from the vehicle. This will allow children to design and create in 2D and 3D by creating their own stickers and 3D objects.


3rd Stage

Hiring another mentor and purchasing another vehicle to replicate what we have achieved. This will allow us to cater to larger groups (eg. being on-site at a school and working the day with the entire student body). We will be able to start an outreach component that will focus on underprivileged children. As we grow, we can develop more projects for different age ranges. Some possibilities would be tailoring vehicles for different age ranges either high school or primary school children. These vehicles could bring equipment and supplies for these groups.